"Product placement"

  1. Dorthe Heindorff

    "I don't have more answers than anybody else. But in my paintings I ask the question about existence in new ways again and again."

    Dorthe Heindorff / www.dorthe-heindorff.dk
  2. Hans Henrik Petersen

    "My work consists of two elements-colour and structure. The paintings should influence the surroundings in a harmonic and colourful way."

    Hans Henrik Petersen / www.hhpetersen.dk
  3. Anja Kuhlbrodt

    "Transarchitecture or dimensional displacement. Photography and acyllic combined on canvas."

    Anja Kuhlbrodt / www.anjakuhlbrodt.dk
  4. Bo Lesanner

    "My pictures explore the dramaturgy of ordinary days - the spontanous moments of orchestration in human lives, where aesthetics arises."

    Bo Lesanner / www.fotograf-bo-lesanner.dk